Cosplay Contest

Calling all Cosplayers!
We are excited to invite all Flesh and Blood fans and cosplayers to showcase their skills and creativity in bringing their favourite FaB characters to life. The Cosplay Contest is coming to the World Championship Barcelona! Get set to take the stage on Saturday, November 18th, at 6:00pm* and you could win a Cold Foil cosplay-exclusive Taylor promo card. So dust off your sewing machines, fire up the glue guns, and start preparing your best cosplay creation for this exciting event.
*Time is approximate and will be confirmed on the day.

Interested in participating in the Flesh and Blood Cosplay Contest?
Please register your details on the form below by Thursday November 16th, 2023. Once you have submitted your registration form, there is no further action required.

1st Place: Taylor Promo Card, Fabric of Spring Playmat
2nd – 4th Place: Fabric of Spring Promo Card, Fabric of Spring Playmat
5th – 8th Place: Needle Playmat

All Participants: Needle Promo Card, Fabric of Blossoms Promo Card

Cosplay Contest Worlds

Flesh and Blood Cosplay Contest General Guidelines:

  • All cosplay contestants must be a ticket holder for the Calling main event or a side event.
  • All costumes must be related to Flesh and Blood characters/cards/world of Rathe
  • Each costume must be hand-made – prefabricated store-bought, or rented costumes are NOT permitted. It is expected that some costumes may include minor elements such as wigs, shoes, fabric that have been purchased. As a general rule, at least 75-percent of what you bring onto the stage must be hand-made.
  • Participants cannot enter a cosplay they have previously won a Flesh and Blood cosplay contest with.
  • No real weapons or harmful items are allowed to be entered into the Cosplay Contest. This includes, but is not limited to: firearms, incendiary devices, tasers, laser devices, metal swords, knives, daggers etc. Prop weapons are inoperable weapons that support the look of your costume or character.
  • By participating in the cosplay contest at the World Championship Barcelona you authorize event organizers to take your photograph. This photograph may be used for reference by the judges when determining a winner or for promotional use by Legend Story Studios.

Judging Criteria: Cosplays will be judged on three main categories:

Accuracy: How close is the costume to the original artwork/reference?

Quality and Complexity of Construction: How well the costume is constructed: the variety/difficulty/quality of craftsmanship techniques used to construct the cosplay.

Character: How well the essence of a character is displayed for a dramatic effect.