Calling Barcelona 2023

Prepare for the ultimate limited challenge at The Calling: Barcelona, where skill and strategy will be put to the test in the thrilling Sealed Deck and Booster Draft formats. With a staggering $30,000 USD in Cash Prizes, Professional Tournament Invitations (PTIs), and coveted Gold Foil Legendary prize cards up for grabs, this event promises fierce competition and thrilling rewards.

Whether you’re an aspiring professional player seeking a taste of the competitive Flesh and Blood scene or an ambitious contender who didn’t make it to Day 2 of the World Championship, The Calling provides the perfect opportunity to prove your mettle once again.

Open to all players, no invitation is required – everyone is welcome to join the action! Don’t miss out on this exhilarating tournament that brings together players for a chance to showcase their skills on the grand stage.

Untitled (2400 X 500 Px)

Day One: Saturday, November 18th – Bright Lights Sealed deck

Venue Open 8:00 am
Event start time 9:30 am

  • 8 or 9 rounds of Swiss
  • Bright Lights Sealed Deck
  • Top 64/72/80* or all X-2 or better will advance to Day 2

*Depends on the number of participants at the start of Day 1

Day Two: Sunday November 19th – Bright Lights Booster Draft & Top-Cut

Venue Open 8:00 am
Event start time 9:00 am

  • 6 Rounds of Swiss
  • Bright Lights Booster Draft
  • Cut to Top-8


  • Single Elimination best-of-1
  • Bright Lights Booster Draft
  • Higher seat chooses who starts the game.

Extra Rules info

  • Rules Enforcement Level (REL):
    • Day 1: Competitive
    • Day 2: Professional
  • Swiss rounds are 30 + 5 minutes in duration. (30 + 5 means there are 5 minutes allocated for the start-of-game procedure. Players must have presented their deck and revealed their equipment and weapons within this 5-minute window. If both players complete the start-of-game procedure in less than 5 minutes, they may begin playing their match immediately.)


  • Card Pool Registration must be done PRIOR to the start of Round 1 and after the completion of each Booster Draft.
  • Deck checks will be conducted by event staff throughout the tournament.
  • It is the responsibility of each player to ensure there are no distinguishing marks or patterns on their cards or card sleeves for the duration of the tournament. Vendors will be onsite to purchase sleeves if required.


1st: THE CHAMPION – $7500 USD + Gold Foil Extended Art Crown of Providence + PTI
2nd – $3500 USD + Gold Foil Legendary Black Envelope + PTI
3rd-4th – $1500 USD + Gold Foil Legendary Black Envelope + PTI
5th-8th – $1000 USD + Gold Foil Legendary Black Envelope + PTI
9th-16th – $500 USD
17th-32th – $300 USD
33th-48th – $200 USD

There will be spaces reserved in the Calling for World Championship players who did not make the Day-2 cut.


Fabled Event Package  –  €170

1 Fabled Event Voucher (Entry into Calling or Battle Hardened or any other open-entry event)

1 Silver Event Voucher (Side event entry voucher worth €35)

2 Bronze Event Vouchers (Side event entry voucher worth €20)

1 Pack of Sleeves: Eye of Ophidia art

1 Package playmat: Figment of Protection

3 Protocol promo cards

Optional: Make it Gold and add a player reception ticket to this package for only €60.

F&b Packages Visual 02 (1)
Calling Entry  –  €75

1 Entry ticket for Calling Barcelona (Bright Lights Sealed Deck)

1 Dash, Database Cold Foil Promo

F&b Packages Visual 06