World Championship 2023 - Barcelona

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World Championship Barcelona: November 17th – 19th

Day One: Friday, November 17th – Classic Constructed & Bright Lights Booster Draft

Venue Open 8:00 am
Event start time 9:00 am

  • 7 rounds of Swiss
  • 4 rounds Classic Constructed and 3 rounds Bright Lights Booster Draft.
  • 4 wins or better qualify for Day-2

Day Two: Saturday, November 18th – Bright Lights Booster Draft & Classic Constructed

Venue Open 8:00 am
Event start time 9:00 am

  • 7 rounds of Swiss
  • 3 rounds of Bright Lights Booster Draft and 4 rounds of Classic Constructed.
  • The top 8 players will advance to Sunday.


Day Three: Sunday, November 19th -Top-8

  • Single-Elimination playoff – Classic Constructed.
  • Top-8 playoff matches will have no time limit.
  • Matches will all be played on stream.


Extra Rules info

Rules Enforcement Level (REL):
Day 1: Professional
Day 2: Professional

Swiss rounds are 55 minutes (50+5) in duration. (Players must reveal their hero when the start of round is announced, and must present their deck and reveal their equipment and weapons within five minutes of the start of round).


Decks must be Classic Constructed legal as defined by the Card Legality Policy.
All World Championship players must submit their Classic Constructed decklist by Thursday 16th of November at 11:59 pm CET, Barcelona Local Time.
Players may not change their registered deck during the tournament.
Deck checks will be conducted by event staff throughout the tournament.
It is the responsibility of each player to ensure there are no distinguishing marks or patterns on their cards or card sleeves for the duration of the tournament. Vendors will be onsite to purchase sleeves if required.


1st: World Champion 2023 – $100,000 USD, Champion’s Prize Card + Gold Foil Legendary Black Envelope + PTI
2nd – $25,000 USD + Gold Foil Legendary Black Envelope + PTI
3rd – 4th – $16,500 USD + Gold Foil Legendary Black Envelope + PTI
5th – 8th – $7,500 USD + Gold Foil Legendary Black Envelope + PTI
9th – 16th – $4,000 USD + PTI
17th-32nd – $2,000 USD + PTI
33rd – 64th – $1,500 USD



World Championship Player Package  –  Qualified players only

1 World Championship Competitor playmat: Library of Solana

1 Pack of Sleeves: Eye of Ophidia art

1 Sigil of Solace – Sagrada Familia Promo Card

Players qualified for Worlds are invited to the World Championship Player Reception on Thursday.

Registrations for the World Championship are closed. Players who still wish to register for the event can reach out to customersupport@tournamentcenter.gg.

World Champ Player Package

World Championships Player Reception Entry Ticket  –  €95

1 Entry ticket for the World Championships Player Reception.

World Championship competitors are automatically invited to the Player Reception, by way of their World Championship Player Package.

When purchasing a Fabled or Go Again package, consider Make it Gold, doing so will include a World Championships Player Reception Entry Ticket in the package at reduced cost.

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