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Ultimate Guard becomes title sponsor of the Ultimate Guard European Magic Series

tournamentcenter (Fanfinity) is excited to announce our upcoming collaboration with our friends from Ultimate Guard, as they will be the title sponsor of the Ultimate Guard European Magic Series, the Regional Championship event series in the EMEA region.

These Regional Championships are the gateway for competitive Magic: The Gathering players into the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour and World Championships. As a long-time partner of Wizards of the Coast, with event productions dating back to 2007, we have organized multiple Grand Prix and Magic
Fests over the last decade and are delighted to be supporting the Magic community with this new series.

With Ultimate Guard as a partner, we look forward to the creation of an amazing European Magic series for all Magic fans. Similar to our goal of empowering gaming culture and better serving gaming communities, Ultimate Guard has pledged to invest and develop in the future of the Ultimate Guard European Magic Series and our joint support of this wonderful community of players. We are beyond excited to be
embarking on this adventure with them, as they will be taking an active role in community engagement and will be the official streaming partner for Regional Championships.

“We are incredibly excited to work with Ultimate Guard on this project! Their passion for gaming and gamers, as well as their beautiful, high-quality products, make them a great partner for the Ultimate Guard European Magic Series.” Wouter Maenhaut – tournamentcenter CEO.

We will be working together on announcing the next events very soon, as Ultimate Guard will be running Destination Qualifiers, as well as sponsoring the first Regional Championship, which will be held at the Grand Palais in Lille, on the 8th-10th of November.

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Our Season One Destination Qualifiers in the Ultimate Guard European Magic Series are


  • Axion Now – The Gathering, Mega Modern4 Slots total
    • 5 May, at Beanie Games in Stockton-on-Tees , UK
  • Dutch Open Series – Modern, Sealed, Pioneer – 3 Slots total
    • 11/12 May, Nieuewegein, NL
  • JK Entertainment – 20 year anniversary event, Modern, Sealed, Pioneer – 8 Slots total
    • 1/2 June, Maintal/Frankfurt, DE
  • Dungeon Street – Paupergeddon event, Modern – 8 Slots total
    • 23rd June, PalaTodisco, Via di Palazzetto 7/d, San Giuliano Terme (PI), Italy
  • Pan Mysza – Paprykarz Open Series Warszawa, Sealed, Pioneer x2 – 8 Slots total
    • 14-16 June, Centrum Konferencyjno-Szkoleniowe, Warsaw, Poland
  • Cartapapa – DC National Champîonship 2024, Modern – 4 Slots
    • 14th of July, Châteauroux, France


For those of you who attend these events, share your experience with us! Send us pictures, tag us, we’d love to see the European Magic Series through your eyes!

More Destination Qualifier announcements are coming soon!

As a final update, we have reconsidered our policy on the Qualifications of the Top Performing Players at Regional Championship Naples. Thank you to everyone for reaching out and highlighting the importance of this topic for our competitive community. The Top-36 players of the upcoming RC Naples will automatically qualify for RC Lille.

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The European Magic Series is the name of the upcoming Regional Championship event series in the EMEA region. These Regional Championships are the gateway for competitive Magic: The Gathering players into the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour and World Championships.

The first upcoming European Regional Championship will take place in Lille at the Grand Palais on the weekend of 8-10 November 2024.

There will be 3 EMS Regional Championships each year.
We will work with other large MTG tournament organizers to organize Destination Qualifiers that will offer several qualification slots. 

Yes, you absolutely can!
As a reminder, conceding a match in exchange of something is not allowed and will lead to disqualification.

As RCQs are Premier Events, it is required to follow the guidelines of the Magic Tournament Rules, specifically Appendix D, on both Booster Mix allowed and specific sets allowed (based on the date of the tournament).

The Regional Championship will be free of charge for players who have won an invite. Players can win invites from winning a Regional Championship Qualifier (hosted by a WPN store), from Destination Qualifiers and Last Chance Qualifiers. Winners are only able to use their invites at the Regional Championship corresponding with the qualifying season.

You are allowed to trade cards with your friends and other players.

Buying and selling are only allowed with/by the official vendors that are present at the event. If you are found buying and/or selling to someone that is not an official vendor, you will be removed from the tournament hall. If you’d like to apply to be an official vendor, please do so here

Please fill out this form. Our staffing team will reach out to you and you’ll receive a Discord invite to our tournamentcenter Staff Community Discord where further steps will be shared.

Local rules and regulations apply, but players must be 13 years or older, or have written parental permission to participate in our events.

We expect our Regional Championships to feel similar to the previous Regional Championships you’ve participated in before.

At its heart will be the Regional Championship Main Event, with side events, vendors, and Commander play surrounding it. The size and scope of these extra activities will depend on the event hall and available space, this will vary. We will announce further details when the Regional Championship will be fully announced.

We will comply with applicable local laws and regulations.
Please reach out to our Customer Support team if you have any specific questions or requests.

We always welcome feedback! Please send any feedback or questions you may have via email:

News archive

EMS Update 3


Image (54) (1)

When we announced the European Magic Series, we told you we were going to work with partners on running Destination Qualifiers. So you could look forward to RCQs run by friendly local gaming stores, larger Destination Qualifiers run by other amazing TOs, and our Regional Championship.

Without further ado, our first Destination Qualifiers in the European Magic Series are…

EMS Update 2


Image (54) (1)

We’d like to start this update by thanking you all for your patience. We have received so many messages of encouragement since we announced we are running the RCs, as well as many questions on when and where the first one will be. Understandably so, but we wanted to wait to announce the venue and date when we were 100% sure we had the right venue for the event booked.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and we are incredibly excited to see you all in Lille, at the Grand Palais, on the weekend of 8-10 November 2024.

EMS Update 1

Feb 19th

Image (54) (1)

We, here at tournamentcenter, are excited to announce more information regarding the upcoming European Magic Series (EMS).

After our announcement two weeks ago, we were humbled and encouraged by the messages of support and excitement. We are delighted to return to the Magic: The Gathering scene as the official tournament organizer for the Regional Championships event series in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region and we feel so fortunate to see so many of you are excited too!