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DBS Finals France 2023 - Lille - December 2023


Lille Grand Palais

Hall Londres
1 Bd des Cités Unies

59777 Lille

Hall opening hours:
Saturday: 08:00 – 20:00
Sunday: 08:00 – 19:00

Schermafbeelding 2023 07 18 165346

Main Event

Day One: Saturday, December 16th

Please bring your definitive deck list to the event, it will be collected by the judges at the start of Round 1.

The main event starts at 09:00 CEST

Day Two: Sunday, December 17th

The main event starts at 09:00 CEST

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Side Events

Coming soon
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Travel Tips and Accessibility

The DBS Finals France 2023 strives to be an inclusive event, continuously working towards enhancing accessibility and providing a seamless experience for all attendees. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as they play a crucial role in improving our services. To ensure you have a complete understanding of the event amenities, we kindly ask you to review this informational guide carefully before reaching out to us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility that are not addressed in the guide, please feel free to contact us at customersupport@tournamentcenter.gg. Our dedicated team will make every effort to assist you and accommodate your accessibility needs.


Lille Lesquin Airport, also known as Lille Airport, is the primary international airport serving the city of Lille. It is conveniently located 7 km from the city center, offering excellent accessibility and connections to various destinations worldwide. The airport boasts a well-developed public transportation network, ensuring seamless travel options for attendees of the DBS Finals France 2023 in Lille. Whether you’re arriving from domestic or international locations, Lille Airport provides convenient access to the event venue via reliable public transportation.


Located in the Eurallile shopping center in the heart of the city, Lille Europe station is served by Thalys, Eurostar, and TGV® trains, making the train the ideal traveling method for competitors coming to the French Finals from all over France. The train station is close to Lille Flandres station, which offers TGV® trains to Paris Nord and InterCity trains to Belgium.


Metro: 4 stations, Lille Grand Palais within a 7-minute walk, Lille Town Hall within a 6-minute walk, and Lille Flandres station and Lille Europe within a 9-minute walk
Bus Stop: Citadine 1 – Zenith stop


Lille Grand Palais offers great accessibility with its integrated parking of 1186 spaces as well as over 7000 spaces within a 10-minute walk.


For the DBS Finals France 2023 in Lille, we kindly request that if you are feeling unwell, please refrain from attending the event. In the event that you start feeling unwell or experience any illness symptoms during the event, we strongly advise you to seek medical guidance and follow the instructions of your healthcare professional. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all attendees.


The venue for the DBS Finals France 2023 in Lille is thoughtfully designed to be easily accessible for individuals with mobility disabilities. Accessible pathways connect different areas of the venue, including entrances, vendor spaces, activity areas, and restrooms. We highly encourage guests with mobility disabilities to utilize personal means of transportation, such as wheelchairs or scooters, to enhance their convenience and comfort during the event. Our goal is to ensure that all attendees can navigate the venue freely and fully enjoy the experience without any limitations. If you require Accessibility Services, please visit the customer services desk to obtain your accreditation.

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