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WCQ Regional Spellenspektakel
at Jaarbeurs Utrecht












WCQ Regional Spellenspektakel at Jaarbeurs Utrecht

4th of November

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The event will take place at the Spellenspektakel fair in Utrecht The Netherlands.

Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Jaarbeursplein 6
3521 AL Utrecht

The hall will be open during the following hours:
Saturday the 4th of November: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM*

*Closing hours determined by tournament run time for that day.


You will need to use the KCGN ID displayed within NEURON to register for and participate in this event. If you don’t have NEURON, please make sure that you download it onto your smart device before registering for the event.

Tournament packages are priced at €12,- Euro and participants will receive 3 Boosters of Cyberstorm Access.

Tournament packages are only needed to participate in the Main Event, visitors can’t enter the venue freely to spectate or to enter Public Events.  All visitors will require a Spellenspektakel entry ticket.
Tournament packages include a Saturday entry ticket to Spellenspektakel. This ticket will be sent to you by email in the coming week.
Tournament packages can’t be transferred between players or refunded.

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive a second email before the start of the event with general information for the event.
Decklist registration will be handled online through the NEURON App.

Deck submissions opening time will be announced later.

You will not need to check in before the start of the Main Event, you will automatically be enrolled. Please arrive ahead of time for the event. You can collect your entry boosters during event opening hours throughout the weekend.

Registration for Main and Public events payment methods will be exclusively offered via Credit and Debit cards.
Please keep this in mind when registering for your event.

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Top 4:  win a deck box

Top 8:  win a playmat

Per 8 duelists a qualification to the top cut will be given out. So if we are at full capacity of 128 then the top 16 will qualify.*

*Please be aware that unlike in previous years, invites earned at these events do not pass down from one Duelist to another.*

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