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There are still JR / SR & GO tickets available.
Spectator tickets will go up Monday 5/12 at 20:00 CET.

Pokémon GO

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SAT: 8:30 GMT
SUN: 09:00 GMT

Trading Card Game

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SAT: 09:00 GMT
SUN: 09:00 GMT

Video Game

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SAT: 10:00 GMT
SUN: 09:00 GMT

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Pokémon GO main event info

Please use the following document to register your team lineup, this document will be collected by the judges during the player meeting at the start of the event.

Pokémon GO players will be provided a mobile device by Play-the-championships as a gaming device during the event. All players will be required to log in on these devices via their own account to participate.

Please take note these are Android devices and any players who exclusively use Apple ID to log in to Pokémon GO are required to make sure they have additional login methods available to their account. All other login methods are acceptable; even if your account is not linked to your Trainer Club ID! 

After check-in and player meeting all main event participants will be assigned to a pool of up to 32 players. All stages of the event will follow a double-elimination format. Players who lose two matches are out of the tournament. The top 2 players of each pool will then advance to the Finals phase on Sunday to determine the overall winner of the tournament.

During the Grand Finals, if the player from the Winners bracket loses the first match, a bracket reset match will occur, and play will continue until one player has lost two matches.