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The Calling Antwerp Side Events

The Calling Antwerp – Battle Hardened Information

Sunday May 21st
Format: Outsiders Sealed Deck
Venue Open 8:00 am
Event start time 09:30 am


Swiss rounds are best-of-one.

Swiss rounds are 30 + 5 minutes in duration. (30 + 5 means there are 5 minutes allocated for the start of game procedure. Players must have presented their deck and revealed their equipment and weapons within this 5 minute window. If both players complete the start of game procedure in less than 5 minutes, they may begin playing their match immediately.)

The number of rounds of Swiss is determined by the number of players at the beginning of round 1.


Top 8 Single Elimination Booster Draft.

Top 8 matches have no time limit. Players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and Slow Play penalties will be enforced.

For each Top 8 match, the player that finished higher in the Swiss portion of the event chooses to play first or second.

Extra Rules info
  • Rules Enforcement Level (REL): Competitive.
  • Decklists will be gathered during player-meeting and random deck checks will be performed during the entire event.​


  • Decks must be Blitz legal as defined by the Card Legality Policy.
  • Swiss Rounds follow the Sealed Deck Format and Elimination Rounds follow the Booster Draft Format.
  • Deck registration must be done PRIOR to the start of Round 1 in Swiss and Prior to the start of the Quarterfinals in Top 8.
  • Deck checks will be conducted by event staff throughout the tournament.
  • It is the responsibility of each player to ensure there are no distinguishing marks or patterns on their cards or card sleeves for the duration of the tournament. Vendors will be onsite to purchase sleeves if required.
Prize pool
1st: WINNER – $500 USD + Random Drop Gold Cold Foil Legendary + PTI + Battle Hardened exclusive playmat
2nd – $500 USD + PTI + Battle Hardened exclusive playmat
3rd-4th – $250 USD + Battle Hardened exclusive playmat
5th-8th – $125 USD + Battle Hardened exclusive playmat

Full Side Event Schedule coming soon.