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Pokémon Regional Championships Liverpool
26 & 27 March 2022

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Safety regulations

For the Pokémon Regional Championships in Liverpool on the weekend of 26th and 27th of March the following COVID-19 Protocols will be in place. Please note that this is the case for the Liverpool Regional Championships only, as we are complying with the local laws as specified in part 3.1 of the Play! Pokémon COVID-19 Policies.
This is an exceptional situation, requiring an exceptional approach. The protocols in this flowchart are the final protocols we will use during this event. Any prior communication about this that contradicts these protocols can be replaced with the protocols below.

Our Pokémon Regional Championship events have limited capacity and require spectators and participants to register via RK9.gg, as well as comply with the Play! Pokémon COVID-19 protocols. Please find out below how the recent Policy changes affect our Liverpool Regional Championships event.

IMPORTANT the referred timings are as follows for Liverpool Regional Championships 2022: 2 weeks = before 11/03/2022 – Less than 72 hours before the first day of the event = after 23/03/2022 08:00 GMT / 09:00 CET.

Spectators who are attending the event but who are not participating in any of the events need to register on RK9.gg, these registrations are free of charge.

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Vaccination Flowchart Liverpool

If you have any questions regarding the policy please contact customersupport@tournamentcenter.gg

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